On December 9, 2017, the first Panda Music Festival was successfully held at the Brisbane Showgrounds in Brisbane. The first Panda Music Festival incorporates the three elements of folk music, rock music, and electronic music. Artists includes Taiwan's independent music composer Anpu, Chinese Drum King in China Zhao Muyang, queen of electronic Neky, Australian DJ and Chinese rock bands in Australia. Thousands of Chinese and Australian audiences had an unparalleled music performance in that day.

2017年12月9日,首届熊猫音乐节在布里斯班Brisbane Showgrounds成功举办。首届熊猫音乐节融合民谣、摇滚、电音三大元素,携三年未出山的台湾独立音乐创作人安溥、中国鼓王赵牧阳、电音女王杜桃Neky、澳洲DJ 以及澳洲三城华语乐队,一同为成千上百的中澳观众呈现了一场音乐盛宴。


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