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2018 DJ KAKA

2018 DJ KAKA

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李奕可, known as DJ KAKA. The first Chinese DJ performer who entered the world's top 100 DJ leaderboard being the 96th in 2017[1] and 88th in 2018[2][3]. She has released numbers of singles during 2017 and 2018 and some of the masterpieces that she has created are 《Beijing》, 《Lit》, 《Rainbow》, 《Dynasty》. Her achievement includes mixing champion of Pioneer DJ Contest in 2015. And in 2016 she was the only judge of the Pioneer DJ contest.

DJ KAKA, born in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China debuted as a professional DJ in 2008. As a DJ, she has participated in hundreds of different types of parties and music festivals at home and abroad. She has worked with VINAI, Wolfpack, ATB, Borgeous, MAKJ, Galantis and many others. The well-known world's top 100 DJ artists performed on the same stage, and with the skillful operation of DJ equipment and unique insights into music, they are more comfortable in controlling music. In 2015, she won the Pioneer DJ Cup Contest China Remix Group. Since 2016, she has been the China Jury of the Pioneer DJ Pioneer Cup Competition for three consecutive years. KAKA likes to use music to create surprises, flexible styles, and energetic performances. Let her be the DJ female man who controls electronic music, and she also represents China when she playing electronic music on stages.

After KAKA got the Pioneer DJ contest and became a judge, she did not stop her music adventure. She firmly believes that learning is endless, which let her started the music production journey and established her own music studio. She once said, putting my own emotions into my music to inflect more people is way better than using other artist's music. In 2018, DJ KAKA was invited to participate in the international DJ music event in Ibiza, a famous international music destination. SHe also cooperated with many musicians at the same time. The works with the Chinese sentiment 《Beijing》 went online and got the music hobby at home and abroad. The love of the people, this also allows Kaka to complete a careful wish, is to let China's electronic music to the world.

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