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Panda Entertainment is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Our organisation takes pride in the Sino-Australian diaspora and aims to engage and further expand the Australian and Eastern music industry. Panda Entertainment strives to become the Chinese representatives in the overseas Entertainment industry and create a bridge to promote Chinese culture on an international level.


Panda Entertainment takes into consideration of the global entertainment trends in alignment with the overseas demands to create Australia’s first Eastern music festival focused organisation – Panda Music Festival.


Panda Pictures is committed to create a mature and professional film production team located in Brisbane. The team produces high-quality film and works in accordance to the concept of ‘ingenuity’. The company’s business scope includes online drama, event videography, cultural performance videography, online shows production, studio shooting, MV shooting and providing an all-rounded services such as project planning, management, video production and marketing. Panda Films is committed to building comprehensive and large scope video production company which operates in a highly efficient environment.



Tel: +61 420 664 588

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