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muyang zhao


ZHAO Muyang

Legendary drummer shouts out traditional Chinese North-Western folk songs


Born in Ningxia Province in 1969, Muyang has absorbed the root of North-Western essences in his blood. His songs, with guitars and drums carefully mingled with Sanxian and Bangu, even Tabla, have smoothly conveyed his understanding of folk songs in a modern and transcendental way.


After participating and witnessing the recent three decades of rock music development in China, Muyang had established his fame as one of the legendary rock drummer who had involved in many signature albums with different bands, of which many were recognized as milestone albums in Chinese rock music history. Meanwhile he continuously travelled and learned from local artists from North-Western and South-Western China, developing his own characters in songs like “Way of the Heroes” and “Enduring”. Featuring his childhood memories of Shaanxi Opera from his parents, Muyang had condensed his emotions of an earliest generation of Chinese independent musician together with a folk singer who strayed almost all his life, roared his piercing sanded voice above the concrete forest and almost immediately bring in a wave of North-Western sandstorm.




历经中国现代摇滚⾳乐史发展30余载后,流浪多年的赵牧阳通过中国好歌曲平台,再⼀次将⾃⼰苍劲真诚的声⾳传播给巨⼤的观众群体。《侠客⾏》就像尘封多年的古⽟⼀般陡然出现在流⾏⽂化的平台上 ,让全国观众为之疯狂。被⼲泛冠以“⻄北⿎王”和“中国流⾏民谣第⼀⼈”等称号的同时,赵牧阳本⾝并不是⼀个⾼调的⾳乐⼈。他坚持延续创作歌曲中对⽣活的真切感受,以荡⽓回肠的独特秦腔韵味倾诉着最早⼀代中国摇滚⾳乐⼈的⾟酸





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